F-Secure SENSE

Smart security for your smart lifestyle

Meet F-Secure SENSE

SENSE covers all corners

Secure your smart home with one device, now and in the future. SENSE creates a secure network for all of your connected devices to monitor and protect them through one simple interface. With privacy and security both at home and on the go, you have the freedom to unleash your smart lifestyle.

Smart convenience

Now you can have more devices with less hassle. SENSE protects your entire smart home.

Smart protection

Traffic from all your devices is protected by SENSE with the help of our constantly updated cloud.

Smart Privacy

Control your privacy, keep personal data safe and block unwanted tracking.

F-Secure SENSE — the missing piece of your smart home

The smart future is here, with more connected devices in your home every day. From laptops and PC’s to baby cams, smart locks and smart fridges.

Every smart device carries a new security risk and having separate security products for all of them is impractical, or even impossible.

With SENSE you can have fast, secure Wi-Fi that protects all your devices at home, as well as your mobile devices.

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So how does it work?

Traffic to all your smart devices is routed through the secured SENSE network, with malware and other threats blocked.

At home

Think of SENSE as an advanced, high speed secure router. SENSE consists of a physical device – the SENSE router – and a software app – the SENSE app. You start by downloading the app to your favorite smartphone or tablet. The app will then guide you through the initial setup process which literally takes just a few minutes. During the setup you connect the SENSE router to your existing home router and create a new, secure Wi-Fi network. Once you have the new network up and running you move all your connected devices to this new network. These devices can be laptops, smartphones, tablets or smart TVs, thermostats and baby monitors.

Traffic in the SENSE network is analyzed with the help of F-Secure security cloud, where threat definitions are updated in real time. The cloud leverages next generation security features such as machine learning and behavior based threat analysis to give you corporate-level security in your own home, and block attacks before they even happen. SENSE also blocks unwanted tracking attempts, making you invisible to data collection companies and others trying to profit at the expense of your privacy.

The SENSE App protects your phones, tablets and laptops while on the go.

Outside home

Your mobile devices also need security and privacy protection when they are outside your home network. That is why the same SENSE app that you used during the setup process also comes with advanced protection features for when you’re on the go.

After connecting a device to your SENSE network, download the SENSE app onto it to protect it on the go as well. The installation process is simple, and the app will be the only security product needed on your device. You are fully covered with SENSE at no extra charge!

Sounds great? Get SENSE!

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  • SENSE router
  • 1 year of SENSE app subscription (value $96)
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping

We will start shipping in Europe and North America by the end of H1 2017. Subscription renewals are $8 per month after one year. Read F-Secure Licence Terms.

Price for SENSE router and 1 year of SENSE app subscription


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A traditional security product?
Not even in the same league

F-Secure SENSE combines the best aspects of antivirus, firewall, and cloud security

F-Secure SENSE

Traditional Internet Security

Wi-Fi router


Blocks connection attempts with firewall

Protects devices when outside your home network

Blocks viruses and malware

Blocks spyware and adware

Blocks phishing and malicious websites

Blocks unwanted tracking

Cloud based behavior analysis using Artificial Intelligence

Banking protection (on Windows)

Parental control (on Windows)

Protects all IoT devices at home

Single app to monitor the security of all devices

Always up-to-date, secure router

IoT device reputation


Anonymous surfing with VPN


*feature candidate

Technical details

Software specification

Supported platforms:
  • iOS 9 and later
  • Android 4.1 and later
  • Windows 7 (SP1) and later (32 and 64 bit)*
*Currently, the Windows app only supports security functions. An iOS or Android mobile device is required to operate SENSE.

Hardware specification

IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
4 × 4 MIMO (internal)
1 × RJ45 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps
3 × RJ45 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps
1 × USB 3.0
BT 4.0 & BT LE
1 GHz Dual-core
512 MB DDR3
1 GB
LED display
DC: 12V/2A, AC: 110V~240V, 50~60Hz
ca. 217 × 125 × 90 mm (8.54 × 4.88 × 3.54 in)
Please note that design and tech specs are subject to change. We are still developing the product and hence some changes might happen as we test the product in labs and with customers. Our goal is to build the best possible product.